Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally, it's the first day of the SUMMER holidays!!  It seems like everyone I know has kids who've been out for a while, but my big girl only finished yesterday.  She's officially done with Kindergarten, and will be a First Grader in the fall.  I'm not sure how that happened so quickly!!  The school year just flew by.  In fact she's growning up entirely too quickly.  It seems like just a blink ago she was a bitty baby, all sweet & snuggly (ok, she's still sweet & snuggly, lol) and now she's a grown girl - reading, writing, reasoning & doing double digit addition!!  It's all happening entirely too fast. 

But I am so happy to have the long lazy summer ahead to spend with her (and her little brother ofcourse).  I am  not the world's most organised person, so I don't have my long list of "Summer fun, learning, activities, field trips, arts & crafts, playdates, cleaning, cooking, entertainment etc" all sorted just yet.  I need to do that soon, before the "I'm Bored's" take over and the kids turn on each other!

Today we staved off the boredeom by running errands, doing some arts & crafts, some worksheets (she's all fired up about the summer packet her Kindergarten teacher sent them all home with) and ofcourse some time at the pool.  What would a summer day in San Diego be without a trip to the pool!?  The kids are divided on how they feel about this.  My girl LOVES the water, and begs to go.  She had an awesome time!!

The little guy on the other hand is rather apprehensive and prefers to watch from the sidelines.  I hope he gets over this soon, because he's going to be spending hours at the pool & beach this summer!

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  1. It seems like my kids have been out of school forever. We end the last week of May! And yes, my kids have already 'turned on eachother'.