Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lists - Challenge Day 10

I inherited a list making gene from my Mum - she has made lists since I can remember and now I do the same.  I make lists everywhere, on random scraps of paper, on neatly typed & printed pieces of paper, all over the place.  These lists are a great idea, but I've found that I have so many that I can't keep up.  I need a list to keep track of my lists!!  So here's a master list of the lists I have currently running:

- grocery list
- general "to do" - preschool registration, green card forms,
  call maintenance etc
- June gifts - things to gather, buy, make & mail this month
- summer activities, arts & crafts, learning ideas for the
  summer holidays
- free/cheap things happening in San Diego this summer
- projects I want to do "for fun" for me
- household "to do" - specific projects for specific rooms, ideas
  for decor etc
- cleaning "schedule"
- birthday wish list (yes, I'm like I kid - I keep a list of
  things I'd like to get for my birthday)

That's 9 different lists.  And I'm sure that I couldn't locate them all right now.  And I haven't actually ticked stuff off all of them either....  I guess I had better get working on that!!

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