Monday, May 24, 2010

Hide and Seek

This morning I took the kids off on a surprise outing.  Just last night I discovered that a movie that my beautiful big girl had been wanting to see for a while now was showing on the "kidtoons" show this weekend.  So I whisked them away this morning, without telling them where we were going.  It wasn't long before she noticed we were going to the movies, but she didn't realise until the opening credits that we were watching "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale".  The smile on her face said it all!  It wasn't a bad movie actually (for a Barbie movie) and both kids sat entranced the whole time.  I really do like going to these weekend kids movies - it's such a great deal.  The tickets are only $2.50 (and the little guy gets in free), and the kids tray (popcorn, soda & fruit snacks) is only $5.  So for 3 people, 2 kids trays and an hour & a half of entertainment it only costs $15!  Especially great when it's a movie your 5 year old has been dying to see for ages :)

This afternoon we tried to spend some time outside.  It was a little chillier & more windy than we like (we're spoiled here in San Diego) but we did hang out outside for a while.  We played "hide & seek" for the longest time.  The big girl hid, and the little guy got a kick out of saying "ready or not" while he (we) went to hunt for her.  I think he just liked being allowed to go back into the bushes I usually try to keep him out of.

We also got a little taste of the girl's gymnastics skills.  And her brother tried to copy her. He clearly doesn't have the ability to do a bridge yet, but he's having a good time trying.  It's so fun to watch them play together and watch him try to do what she does.   I hope they continue to get along this well forever!

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