Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sea World

The Big Girl had a field trip today, to Sea World.  We've been before, but it was very exciting for her to go with her class.  So I dragged my croaky self there, with the little guy ofcourse.  And although I was concerned about how we'd cope (especially the little guy) we had a great time.  We got to see a ton of things we'd hadn't got around to seeing before. Big Girl took a ride on the Wild Arctic simulator thing with her class, and Little Guy was actually brave enough to go in to the exhibit.  We oohed & aahed over the beluga whales - they really were pretty cool (literally & figuratively). 

Big Girl enjoyed touching the ice wall (little guy was apprehensive).

We also saw the penguins (and my boy sang the theme song to Pingu the whole way though - very cute).  We went into the shark encounter (without freaking out or screaming like last time), had lunch with the class and then enjoyed the Shamu show!

The class went back to school then, but I signed the Big Girl out so we could stay a little longer.  And it was so worth it.  We had a quick ride on the one ride we can all go on.  I think it's safe to say they enjoyed it!

Then we wandered over to the tide pools - where we saw the sea stars.  Big Girl touched them, and later informed us that they have eyes on the end of each "leg" - I did not know that!!

Finally we went into the aquarium and saw some pretty fish, and some pretty ugly ones.   The little guy could barely stay in his stroller.  He was fascinated.

All in all a good, if tiring day.  And I have a lot of ideas for our summer "schooling".  Really really looking forward to summer this year

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  1. How Fun! I've been dying to take my kids to Sea World. I love that they have tide pools. Every time we visit a beach with tide pools, we never see anything good. And we want to so bad!