Monday, May 10, 2010


Why did I decide to start potty training now? Why? Seriously, I have no idea - but today I wish I hadn't!! Day 3 has been terrible. It's lucky I'm no longer squeamish about most bodily fluids (2 kids later) because I've spent most of today cleaning them off the carpet, out of underpants etc. Fun times I tell you, fun times! And Crazy Boy? Well, he doesn't care. He's not interested in being potty trained, doesn't care about being a "big boy", just wants his "makkies" (nappies) back. So, I'm going to give it a week, but if he's not making progress by then I think I'll go back to nappies and leave it a month or so. So hold thumbs for me - I don't want to have to do the replay version of today in a month's time!!

Despite the potty issues we did manage to have an ok day. Big Girl went happily off to school, and Crazy Boy and I tried to do some learning here. We did some colour sorting (he knows orange, but none of the ther colours - we're working on it). He lasted about 1 min before he started just building legos. I figure at least he was happy, and honing his fine-motor skills.

I took him outside to blow some bubbles, but that was cut short by potty accident number three thousand four hundred and ten.

We did also did a little colouring - he loves his Thomas trains, and this magazine has some fun colouring pages too.

Big Girl got home & the kids vegged infront of the TV. I let them (bad Mummy, I know). Eventually I turned off the TV, forced the big girl to do her homework and listened to them beg for the TV. Next thing I know, there's laughter, giggling, jumping - I look through from the kitchen and this is what I see:

They've put the potty to the only use it's got all day!! I love it. That's why I love being a Mum - they're playing with each other, without any input from me, and having tons of fun.

Who wouldn't be happy seeing these little faces every day?

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