Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small success

Day 4 of potty training was marginally better than yesterday.  We did have some success - with much help from me.  I was pretty much holding the kid on the potty at times.  I'd ask if he needed to go (while he's doing the potty dance) and he'd say "nooooooooo" with a big grin on his naughty little face.  At one point though he seemed like he had got it - he was totally manipulating the system.  Sitting on the potty, squeezing out a drop (while saying "squeeeeeeze"), and then running over to ask for his chocolate.  Mr Naughty Pants I tell you.  Hopefully soon he'll be Captain Underpants :)  He does still ask for his "makkie" though, and is well aware that pull-ups are "makkies" & not "big boy underpants".  He's not easily fooled!

I had great plans of working more with him today on his colours.  Got out the playdoh, which I hate because it sticks to my carpet with a vengance, but kids love it.  So I had him pick a colour and we played with it a bit.  But the best laid plans.  We went from playing nicely with the red playdoh:

To this:

Yup, playdoh train.  And those tubs of playdoh won't be used to teach colours any time soon! 

I did read him a couple of "colours" books while he was on the potty though, so I get points for that :)

Tuesdays are gymnastics days here, and Big Girl does so well at it.  I'm so impressed that she can go to school all day, and still have the energy to do an hour of gymnastics.  She's super flexible and pretty good at it all.  I don't get to watch her as much as I want because of the little guy (who keeps me on my toes!) but I do see her doing seat drops, spider hangs and backwards rolls!!

Best part of Tuesdays though - LOST!!  I'm addicted, completely and totally.  Not sure what we'll do on Tuesday nights when the last four episodes are over.  In fact we have the previous seasons all lined up on Netflix ready to go....yes, we're Losties, lol.

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