Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Activities

The 4th of July is just around the corner now and I've been trying to think of some fun arts & crafts activities for the kids to do.  I really do struggle finding things to fit their vastly different interests & abilities.  BUT both kids LOVE to paint - so we decided to paint our own American flags.  First we had to look up how many stars & stripes there are (50 and 13, lol) on the flag, but after that it was all easy peasy messy fun :)

First we taped off the white paper, so that we would have our nice white stripes.  Then we painted the stripes red, and the square in the corner blue.  My 5yr old was meticulous, my 2yr old ended up with a rather purple flag.  While the flags were drying they painted some more, as usual they ended up getting more paint on themselves than entirely necessary!

Once the paint dried we pulled off the tape, to reveal our lovely straight white stripes. 

And we added our star stickers to the blue square.  Again, the 5yr old painstakingly counted all 50 stars, while the 2yr old went in an entirely different, decidedly "army" direction.  In the end I think they both look great!!

The little guy's flag:

The big girl's flag:

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