Monday, July 5, 2010

Contact Paper Collages

This is a favourite activity of mine with the littler kids, because it eliminates the messiness of glue, but still allows for the creativity of a collage.  Since my littlest is only 2, this works really well for him.  And the big girl was able to do it too, just more neatly :)

We were learning about the letter A, so first we got out some magazines, grocery flyers and other junk mail and cut out things starting with the letter A.  The big girl also cut out words that started with A, which was good because we had a few "what does this mean, Mum" conversations.  It's always good to build your vocabulary!  In all honestly I did most of the cutting for the little man, he did try, but his patience didn't last long.

Then I printed out a blank letter A and had them colour it, and we cut it out too.  I also printed out some clipart of things that started with A, because I was disappointed with how few things we'd found in the magazines etc.

I happened to have white contact paper, I'm not sure why since I usually by the clear stuff, but it worked for this purpose. Clear would work too.  I cut out a big rectangle of contact paper, peeled off the back and left the sticky side up. We had a little lesson on the letter A, and all the things we were sticking on etc, before we actually began sticking.

It was fun, because not only do you not need glue (you just stick directly onto the contact paper), but it's also removeable.  So the kids were able to get things exactly where they wanted them, even if it meant moving stuff around.  The only limiting factor is that you can't stick something where there's already a picture because the stickiness of the contact paper is covered.

Here are our finished "A" collages.  But the possibilities are endless - you can stick any pictures, but also feathers, pompoms, easter grass, googly eyes etc.  It's a fun, easy way to make collages with little kids!

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  1. This is a great idea. I have a bunch of contact paper too. :) AND thank you for putting me on your blog roll! That was super sweet of you. :D