Monday, August 9, 2010

Bits & Bobs Robot

The Girl Robot
This is an activity that we do fairly often now that we've got the "kit" together.  "Once upon a time" we raided the The Man's toolbox and found a whole bunch of little metal bits & bobs - screws, nuts, bits of bike chain and various other things that we don't know what they are.  We had some empty, clean soup tins on hand and some magnets. All together you have the makings of many great & creative robots!! (and I add to this kit whenever I come across little lost bits of metal - hinges of things, lids to jars, bolts etc). I still have to watch the little guy pretty closely with this one, but he does enjoy it.   My big girl can spend quite some time getting her robot "just right".  Here's her with her latest robot creation - she added a paper skirt because this was a girl robot :)

The big girl with her robot making kit

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