Friday, January 7, 2011

After the rain you get....


Here in typically sunny San Diego we have been treated to rather a lot of rain recently - completely unusual for us, and starting to cause all kinds of issues with landslides, road closures etc.  But it's not all bad - after the rain we get some beautiful rainbows.

Just this Monday morning, as we were getting ready for the first day back at school, my big girl came running to tell me I had to see this rainbow.  It's perfect!  So very pretty.

Ofcourse after we dropped her off at school that morning I decided that the little guy and I needed to do a craft incorporating that rainbow.  So we did.  We made a rainbow collage - which I think turned out great.

All I used was white paper, coloured paper, some crayons and some glue.

First I drew a rainbow on a white sheet of paper, and then he coloured it (I showed him which colours to put where).  While he was colouring a took some sheets of coloured paper and ripped them into little pieces.  The little guy put a big line of glue on the rainbow and stuck the coloured paper on.

I was worried that he would lose interest halfway through, but he was very meticulous about sticking his coloured pieces down and did it all much more neatly than I thought he would.  It was a fun, quick(ish) craft, with a colourful outcome.  He was so proud to show his big sister when she got home from school!