Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Quickly Time Passes

I finally took the "year" photos with my kids - they may be a month or so late, but it's done!  Yay!!  My kids have birthdays a month apart - Sept 04 & Oct 07.  So we've been busy with birthdays recently (that's my excuse for not doing the photos until now)!  One of the things I love to do every birthday is take a photo to see how much the children have grown through the year.  With my daughter, I started a tradition of putting her in a dress that my mother handed down to me (one that she wore to her brother's wedding, and that I just absolutely LOVE!) on or around her birthday and taking a photo of her in "Granny's dress".  I really does show the growth that happens in a year!

Here - take a trip down memory lane with me.

At just 1 year old

At 2 - look how much she's grown.  She's a little girl now, no more baby!

Just for amusement value - me in the dress (probably the first and last time I even fit into it!!) - little girl still 2

3 years old

Showing some attitude at 4!

A Kindergartener at 5

And now - in First Grade and 6 years old!!

And then there's the little guy.  I will be upfront and say I somehow neglected to take photos around his second birthday - bad mummy!  His photos are taken in a shirt of Daddy's from our days at university.  He wore it to co-ordinate with a ballgown I wore to some or other Ball.

Anyway here he is!

At 1 - and sick with a cold :(

Just a photo taken around his 2nd birthday

And now - a big guy at 3 years old!
Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.  I'm not sure how my kids got so big so quickly, but they are growing up before my eyes!!

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