Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lacing Heart Garland

In keeping with all the other Valentine themed crafts, we made a heart garland here a couple of days ago.  It was fun, and it turned out even better than I expected (which is always nice).

What you need:
* cardstock (I used an empty cheerios box)
* scissors
* paint & paintbrush (I used red, pink & purple paint, since we're doing this for Valentines Day)
* hole punch
* yarn (or something to lace the hearts onto)
* beads
* tape

What we did:
Painting the hearts
1) First I used a heart stencil to draw hearts on the back of the empty cheerios box (you could freehand them too) and then cut them out.

2) Then the little guy painted all 8 hearts - I was sure he'd lose interest, but he stuck with it and did all of them.

3) We let the hearts dry (and went and had a snack - always a good distraction)

Painted heart with the hole punched in the "humps"

4) Once they were dry I punch holes in the "humps" of the hearts and we began lacing them onto the yarn (I wrapped the end of the yarn in tape to make it easier for the little guy to thread through the hearts and beads).

5) I tied a knot on one end of the yarn and we laced in through one hole on the heart and out through the other, then we put 2 beads on, then a heart etc etc. until we were done.

Concentrating hard while lacing the hearts & beads

6) The results - a very cute heart garland hanging on my wall!

Very pretty heart garland


  1. I love this! I am putting this one in my lesson plans for this week!

  2. Aren't garlands just beautiful?? So versatile and great for every single season and special day.
    A lovely idea.