Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun Face Flowers

That's right - yet more Valentine's crafts, lol!  I actually waited until the big girl was home from school to do this one because I knew she'd want to join in :)

We made some very cute flowers, with heart shaped petals, and little smiling faces in the middle - simple, quick and easy, yay!

Here's what we used:
- pink scrapbook paper, which I cut into hearts
Sticking down the stem - deep in concentration!

- green construction paper - which I cut into leaves & a stem (I should have made the leaves heart-shaped too!)
- White cardstock - to stick the flowers onto
- Photos of your kids (or you, or granny & grandpa, or whoever you like) - which I cut into circles

- Sparkly stuff to stick on - because my kids are never satisfied unless they have sparkly stuff add to their creations!

Sparkles are serious business!!

Once I had cut all the shapes out I showed the kids how to make the flower from the hearts.  We put a big glob of glue on the cardstock where the flower was to be, and then went about sticking the petals on.  The little guy needed some guidance since he kept wanting to stick the "humps" of the heart in the middle of the flower - the big girl got it all on her own. 

After the petals were in place we added the photo of the kids to the middle.  They were both super amused by this!

Then we stuck on the stem & leaves, before going to town with the sparkles!
Fun Face Flowers - complete with LOTS of sparkles!

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