Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter recognition - matching game

Sorry I have been MIA for so long - there are times when the days just fly by and you have no idea what you did, or how it got to be bedtime again.  Well, that's what it's been like here - nothing particularly exciting going on, but we've been busy!

Anyway, in the midst of this all my little guy is finally showing interest in learning his letters!  I'm thrilled!!  He has had next to no interest up until just recently, so I'm happy that he wants to learn now. 

I devised this little matching game for him.  All I used was a computer to print a few words - I did his name, his sister's name, and Mummy & Daddy (I plan to expand at some point by adding more words).  I printed them all in little blocks, so their was clear separation between the letters.  Then I got some scrabble tiles (mine are from Michaels, not a scrabble game) and found the correct letters for him.  He has a grand old time matching up the letters on the tiles to the ones on the paper!  Sometimes I sit with him and tell him the names and sounds of the letters - other times I just let him do it himself.  It's all in a ziploc bag together - and he pulls it out to do it pretty often.

Quick, easy, fun and educational - who could ask for more!!??

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