Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slugs & Snails & Puppy Dogs tails

Well, slugs and snails at least.  The spring weather seems to have brought them out all over our apartment complex.  And ofcourse the warmer weather means we've been outside more, so we're noticing more of the bugs, slugs and snails etc. 

With that in mind we spent some time the other day on a SNAIL craft (although my daughter insisted on adding spots and trying to convert her snail into a ladybug!).  Here's what we did:

* Empty ribbon roll
* Empty toilet paper roll
* glue or tape
* pipe cleaner
* googly eyes
* paint & paint brushes

1) First I cut the toilet paper roll into pieces about an inch wide. 
2) Then I glued them on to the ribbon roll - to make the head.  (I did learn that the glue doesn't stay stuck all that well if your kid drenches the thing in paint - and resorted to taping the heads on later.  So maybe using tape would be the best option here!
3) Let the kids paint their snails in whatever colours they like (as I said, my daughter added spots to hers!)

Painting the snail

4) Once dry poke 2 holes in the top of the snails "head" and thread a pipe cleaner through to make the "eye stalks/antennae/sticky-outie things" on the snails head
5) Add googly eyes
6) There you have it - very cute snails :)

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