Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful Butterflies

We're still very much working off a "spring" theme for inspiration for crafts etc in this household :)  Here's our latest creation:

Beautiful Butterflies
You will need
* Clear contact paper
* Some coloured celophane (I used celophane gift bags that I picked up on clearance at Michaels!)
* Coloured paper
* Scissors
* Pipe cleaner

What we did:
1) I cut the contact paper into the shape of a butterfly (for the little guy - my daughter managed herself)
Butterfly shape out of contact paper
2) Cut the paper into a butterfly body shape
3) Have the kids cut the celophane into little pieces
4) Have the kids stick the body onto the clear contact paper
5) Let them decorate the wings with the coloured celophane (it's so nice that the contact is sticky and no glue is needed!)
Concentrating on wing design!

6) When they're satisfied with their wing design take the butterfly and put it decorated side down onto the sticky side of another piece of contact paper.  This sandwiches the celophane and the body between 2 pieces of contact paper. 
7) Cut out the butterfly
8) Push a pipe cleaner through the body of the butterfly to create antennae
9) Hang on your window and enjoy your beautiful butterfly!
Beautiful Butterflies

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