Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's ALMOST summer!!!!

Well my little guy has been off school for a little over a week now, but my big girl still has 2 more days of 1st grade left, so it's not quite officially summer holidays here yet.  She's almost done with first grade and I simply cannot believe it - the year has flown by.  She's growing up WAY too fast for my liking!!  I've been neglecting the blog a little because of having my little boy home, and having the neighbour's little girl here too, but I really do intend to get back and blogging because I have so much fun stuff planned for the summer.  I'm actually looking forward to summer this year - I have a plan to keep us learning, playing, being active and having fun (and hopefully not at each other's throats all.the.time!).  Lets see how long my plan works for (I am notorious for starting with guns blazing and having things fizzle out before too long....)....

Anyway, this week my boy-tjie has been on his new "big boy" bike a lot:

And we made some banana bread (the best part ofcourse is licking the bowl!)

And my big girl (did I mention how she's growing up too fast - LOOK at this photo?!!) has had a dress rehearsal for her Jazz dance recital.  The recital is tomorrow night - she's so excited!

Next week she has a short day on Monday and then we are officially on
summer holidays - YAY!!

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