Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Quick Fairy Wands

We recently had a playdate problem - we had 3 kids, and only 2 fairy wands!!  Oh, the drama!  After a moment of diffusing the "I got it first", "She won't share" issues, I quickly resolved the problem with this little craft.

Super Quick Fairy Wands
What you need:
* Paper
* Glue
* Sticky Tape
* Contact paper
* Scissors
* Crayons/stickers/markers (something to colour & decorate with)
* skewers

Here's what we did:
My beautiful fairy girl carefully colouring the star for her wand
1) I printed some star shapes off the internet (2 for each wand, a back and a front)
2) The kids coloured & decorated their stars
3) Once they were done I cut out the star shapes (my big girl was able to do her own)
4) I taped the skewer to the back of one of the stars
5) I glued the back and front stars together (sandwiching the skewer between them)
6) I covered the stars in contact paper (both sides) and cut them out
7) Perfect fairy wands for each person at the playdate!!

2 wands in the making - so you can see the back and the front

This little man wouldn't stand still long enough to let me photograph his wand,
but you get the idea.

Ofcourse you could always embelish these and make them much fancier with glitter, ribbons etc

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