Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conversations with a 5yr old

My big girl has been full of conversation today.  On the ride to school today our chat went like this:

Big Girl - Mum, just because Tommy's parents gave him a DS that doesn't prove there's no Santa does it?
Me - No, we give you presents and Father Christmas does too.
BG - But Tommy says it proves it, and it doesn't.  He doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny.
Me - (secretly wishing I could have a little talk with Tommy & his parents) Well Big Girl, let Tommy believe what he wants to believe, and you believe what you believe ok. 
BG - Well, there must be a Santa because all those presents cost lots & lots of money!  But I know there are no elves.
Me - How do you know that?
BG - People dress up as elves
Me - (cursing the Hannah Montana episode where Hannah's date works as an elf in a shopping mall)  Are you sure those are all the elves?
BG - Well, maybe there are a few real elves.  But what about the reindeer?  How do you teach a reindeer to fly?  And how did Rudolph get a red nose?
Me - It's magic, ofcourse.
BG - Maybe they got sprinkled with some magic dust.
Me - Yup, maybe that's it.
(Finally parking & getting out the car to go to school)

Whew, I'm not ready for her not to believe any more!!  She's only 5!  I'm sure I believed until I was at least 12!!

Later today we were doing homework.  Well, she was, I was sitting beside her, "helping".  The question was "Why did the boy lick his fingers?".  So I say,  "Because he had cake on them." (I'm not making this up, it was in the story, lol)  Big Girl's first response - "You can't start a sentence with because!".  Ok, so she's right, but when did she become the grammar police?  Smart little thing!

As for my day at home with the little guy?  Well, potty training isn't going well.  At all.  I'm getting frustrated.

BUT we did do some Vehicle Painting.  As in, painting, with vehicles instead of brushes.  Still talking about colours ofcourse, so I chose the primary colours and an old train & hotwheels car to paint with.  I had him name the colours (or repeat the colours after I told him what they were) and then we painted.  Big Girl used to do this at preschool, and it's such a fun change from painting with a regular brush, especially for a 2yr old boy! We started off like this.

And soon ended up like this:

The painting came out really cute though :)

He also did his first ever recognisable drawing today.  A picture of (big surprise here) - Thomas the Tank Engine.
And since we don't seem to have enough photos for today (lol) one of the big girl helping me to make pizza dough for supper tonight.  We like to make our own so we can control all the additives & extras that we're eating.  And we make them half whole wheat/ half white flour too - to try to make a slightly healthier version of pizza (if there is such a thing).  We had the weirdest toppings tonight too - cheddar cheese, spinach leaves, tuna & cherry tomatoes.  It was surprisingly yummy!

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