Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Blah's

Why is it that whenever Monday rolls around I spend the entire day catching up from the weekend?  I hate it!  I worked hard today catching up  - grocery shopping, 3 loads of laundry, dishes, dinner, toys picked up off the floor.  And you can't tell I did I thing!  To top it off I'm feeling sick today, my voice is almost gone, my throat is sore and a headache is looming.  I predict an early night...

Needless to say I wasn't hugely focussed on "teaching" the little guy today, and he watched more TV than usual.  BUT we did do some stuff.  While we were out running errands I had him point out the street signs and tell me their shapes - we saw a lot of "tec-tangles" (rectangles), "dictigons" (octogons - gotta love stop signs!) and a couple of "circles" (which he can actually say), he insists that triangles are "boats" but we didn't see many while we were out & about.  He thoroughly enjoyed this!!  And I love that he was reinforcing his knowledge of shapes, and not whining about having to run around town with me :)

He has also recently discovered the wooden blocks.  He can actually stack quite a few now, and uses them in imaginative play too.  I love that he can play with his sister with them (he asks her to build for him), he's using his imagination, and honing those fine motor skills - sometimes the simplest toys really are the best!  He does the typical boy thing though, of completley destroying anything anyone builds - which can lead to major frustration on Big Girl's part.

He's obviously going through a phase with the fine motor stuff at the moment because another favourite of his currently is his sister's Lite Brite.  He doesn't use the paper or patterns, but painstakingly puts all those little pegs in the holes.  Obviously he needs to be watched because he does still put stuff in his mouth, but he can be occupied for a good ten minutes this way.  I'm looking forward to being able to do colour recognition, pattern recognition etc with this toy - but for now he's just mastering getting the pegs in the holes :)

The Big Girl today came home from school and couldn't stop talking.  Apparently her and her friend "Nick" (name changed to protect the innocent, lol) have decided to "do the BFF thing again".  She says he's a very nice boy, and says nice things to her.  He also told her that he wants to marry her, and they've decided they'll get married in Mexico.  I just hope they'll wait a while.... 

She's a precious thing, and I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes.  Tonight, since my throat is sore & voice croaky she read her brother a bed time story.  Thanks sweetie, I love you :)

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