Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How is it June already?? - Challenge Day 1

I am participating in this 30day, 30 posts challenge over at Peanuts Are Evil, hoping it will help me become more aquainted with the intricacies of blogging (and besides, I think it will be fun!)

Yesterday we had a wonderful Memorial Day out at our friends house.  Sometimes distance just makes it hard to see people as often as you wish you could, so it was nice to spend the entire day there.  The kids played happily; enjoying the sunshine, and the backyard (something we don't have living in an apartment).  The Mums got to talk (mostly) uninterrupted, and the big guys were outside throwing a football.  We had yummy burgers on the braai (bbq) and plenty of other delicious food & treats.  I wish every day could go as pleasantly as yesterday did.

That said, today threw us right back into the routine of school days again, no more relaxing here.  And somehow it is June already??  How did it happen that we are almostly half-way through the year??!  My big girl informs me there are 14 school days left and then she will be DONE with Kindergarten.  My baby will have the summer off & then she will be a First Grader!  I can't quite wrap my head around that one (or the fact that the baby baby will be starting preschool in the fall!).  Time seems to be flying by, I must be getting old or something....

As I said, we were back into the routine today, which means trying to do at least one activity a day with my little guy.  He's been really into painting just recently (and looked like he could have auditioned for Avatar this weekend - he painted his entire torso & arms blue).  In an effort to let him enjoy the painting, but minimise the mess, we did some "magic painting" today.

All I did was grab some white card (regular paper would have worked fine), a white crayon, an old, clean yogurt tub (any cup/container would work), a paint brush and some food colouring.  I put a little water in the yogurt tub, took a small "scoop" of the blue gel food colouring with the paint brush, and mixed it up.  Then I showed little man how to draw with the white crayon on the card, and then paint over it with the blue water.  The wax repels the blue water and "magically" reveals the drawing.

He enjoyed it, but had to be reminded with each new one to do the crayon first.  I think he did at least 10!!  Fun painting, and a lot less mess than dragging out the easel and the poster paints!!  I may try it with different coloured water sometime later, perhaps when the big girl is home to join in too.

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