Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time?? Challenge - Day 2

I spent most of today running errands, and taking my big kid to & from school & then to her gymnastics class (she has moved up a level and did GREAT today - her first day with the big kids {she did look tiny next to the 8yr olds though}!).  Ofcourse what that  meant was that despite my best intentions I didn't get to do an activity with the little guy.  We read some books, played trains, put some stickers on paper etc but no actual activity. 

Once I'd done all that, fed the family, and done some (minimal) housekeeping, the day was gone.  I have this LONG list of things I would like to do - especially now that I'm reading more blogs and seeing what all these great crafty ladies are making!  And yet the time to do fun stuff seems pretty much non-existant. 

I love my kids, love being home with them, love teaching them etc, but at some point I am just going to have to learn to organise my time better!  I'm worried that with summer right around the corner (and me really wanting to do lots of activities, field trips, crafts and summer "schooling" with the two of them, as well as playing and relaxing) I'm not ever going to get a thing done.

My little pile of "parts" for various crafts, "bits" that have inspired me and random other things is growing larger by the day (don't even ask about all the bookmarks on the computer of things I want to get to!!) - it's almost depressing (but not quite, because one day I may discover a couple of hours I didn't know I had).  If I ever get to wish a wish I think it might be for more time - so I could get enough sleep, do all that I need to do, and still get to do some fun stuff too.

So far I'm enjoying this 30 posts in 30 days challenge over at Peanuts are Evil.  2 days down, only 28 to go :)

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