Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here's how to make a (not-very-scary) Franken-Foot monster.
The little guy's Franken-Foot

My big girl's "boy" Franken-Foot - complete with body
and pet drgaon!

What you need : - Green construction paper
                          - Black construction paper
                          - White paper
                          - scissors
                          - glue
                          - glitter glue & sequins (if you feel the need to sparklify your monster)

What we did - I had the kids stand on the green paper while I traced around their little feet with a pencil.  Then I cut out the feet and the kids stuck them on the white paper. 

While they were doing that I cut some shapes out of the black construction paper - for eyes, mouths & the bolts for the Franken-Foot's neck.  Then kids then stuck on the black cutouts.  At this point the little guy noticed the glitter glue and sequins that were still out from the big girl making masks earlier on, so they got incorporated into the picture!! 

It was great fine motor practice for the little guy, squeezing the glue & putting all the pieces where he wanted them.  My big girl ran with the creative aspect and drew a monster body for her Franken-Foot, including a dragon for a pet.  She even made a girl Franken-Foot & a boy Franken-Foot.

While these may not be the scariest monsters out there this halloween - it was still fun having both kids sitting down together working on the same project, with no fighting!!  Yay!!

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