Friday, October 22, 2010


I had this quick, easy Halloween idea floating around in my head - and the other day my lovely daughter & I had just a few minutes to make it happen.  Fun, simple and effective (at least we think so!).

So here's what we used - Danimals yogurt bottles (thoroughly washed out ofcourse), black sharpies, flameless tealight candles, and a hot glue gun (which I forgot to put in the photo).

All we did was peel off the Danimals wrapper (it comes off really easily), turn the bottle upside down (so that the opening was at the bottom) and then use the sharpies to draw some faces on the "ghosties".  I did think while I was doing this that you could get more creative with googly eyes, or black felt/paper etc for the faces, but this was what we had on hand.  Once we'd drawn faces on the "ghosties" I hot-glued the flameless tealight candles to the opening at the bottom of the bottles.  They fit really nicely, and looked pretty cool in the daylight:

But I think they look even better in the dark!!


  1. These are adorable!!!! What fun!

  2. I love the look of the ghosts lite up! What a great way to reuse the bottles.