Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letter E elephant

Just a quick post, to let you all know I have not, infact, fallen off the edge of the world :P  All is good here, just busy - as life tends to be with 2 kids!  They both seem to be full of the summer sillies at the moment too, ready for the L   O   N   G summer holidays to begin.  Not sure Mum is quite so ready!

Anyway - here's the Letter E, elephant that the little guy and I managed to fit in one day recently.

Here's what we did:
1) I printed out the outline of a letter E (lowercase)
2) The little guy painted it.  We talked about how elephants are grey etc, but he still wanted to use all the colours in his watercolour palette - so that's what he did.
3) While the paint dried I cut an elephant ear and trunk out of black construction paper.
4) When the paint was (mostly) dry - I cut out the letter E
5) The little guy glued the letter e onto some construction paper, and then glued on the ear, trunk and googly eye.

I think we ended up with a cute little multicoloured elephant!


  1. Very cute! We did elephants recently too- wish I'd seen this cute craft! Thanks for sharing- I'm going to bookmark for next time.

  2. I hope you are doing well.Thanks for sharing your cute craft on "No Time For Flash Cards".We have featured your craft with our book. Here's the linked back -